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Move number of command lines to the left/right in LSE Editor

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Mike Kier
Valued Contributor

Re: Move number of command lines to the left/right in LSE Editor

LSE should be able to easily shift your source code right or left in such a way as to maintain proper structure, including wrapping source and comment lines, etc.

I use it primarily for fixed source-format Fortran which has special column-dependent line continuation markers. LSE knows to leave them in place when shifting the other stuff.

I use it with the EDT keypad, so for me the sequence to move a block of code to the right is to position the cursor at the beginning of the 1st line to move, type SELECT (KP-period), advance the cursor to the last line to move, and then hit GOLD (PF1) followed by the right-arrow key repeating the GOLD-Rt-Arrow sequence as needed to obtain the level of shifting that you want.

You can shift a single line by just using the GOLD-Rt-Arrow (or GOLD-Left-arrow) without selecting a block.

Documentation on LSE is available in PDF format at the HP site at http://h71000.www7.hp.com/doc/decset.html
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