Moving SANS

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Moving SANS

-openvms 8.3 FOE (therefore no shadow licence) on rx2660

- boots from SAN (EVA)

Need to move this to a 3PAR SAN.

Just looking for advice on how to actually do this. My initial thought is this:


install a minium vms environment on a 3PAR LUN using

boot from this temporarily

copy ORIGINAL system disk to a brand new 3PAR lun

change to boot from the copied LUN

Thoughts appreciated....?







Volker Halle
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Re: Moving SANS

Find and read the  HP 3PAR OpenVMS Implementation Guide

From experience:

- you need OpenVMS I84 V8.3-1H1 to access 3PAR LUNs

- OpenVMS I64 V8.3-1H1 (un-patched DVD) can access/read/write 3PAR LUNs

- OpenVMS I64 V8.3-1H1 (un-patched) can NOT boot from 3PAR LUN (incurs INCONSTATE bugcheck)

- you should/must install all available patches for V8.3-1H1


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Re: Moving SANS

Follow the advise of Volker first.  Once the minimum system is booted from the 3PAR, copy all of the drives (OS and data) using backup in image mode to the 3PAR.  In this fashion, you have both the new setup and a "backout" set should something go wrong.

I have worked with many clients that have done this with much success.  The reason for the backout set is that quite often, there are disk references that show up on the new SAN that were not known at the time.  The backout option allows for the production system to continue while the problems are found and fixed.  Besides, its always a good practice to have the old setup available in case of major problems.


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Re: Moving SANS

Thank you the replies, seems section 7 has a fully worked example.

I will read up on vms patching, I do not think the system has been touched for a long while.



Shael Richmond
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Re: Moving SANS

There is also a feature that let's you copy EVA to 3PAR at the storage level.  You get a temporary license with the 3Par when new to do this.