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Moving boot from SAN Alpha DS20e (vms 7.3-2) to another EVA8000

Mel Nugent
Regular Advisor

Moving boot from SAN Alpha DS20e (vms 7.3-2) to another EVA8000

We have a boot from SAN Alpha DS20e running vms 7.3-2 connected to an EVA 8000. We have 2 EVA 8000 SANs on campus and have the disk replicated using continuous replication. We now want to move the Alpha from one data centre to the other and reconnect to the other EVA.


Our rough plan is:-

Shut down Alpha

Break replication on EVA and keep two separate copies on each EVA.

Move alpha to second data centre, patch fibre, and present copy to alpha. Zoning should be OK as same fabrics.

Boot Alpha and when all is verified OK delete original copy on EVA and resume replication from new primary location.


I've very basic knowledge of Alpha and VMS and want to know will the system know what disks are which and what to boot from.

Also any chance of disks getting wiped or reinitialised?

Any other gotcha's to watch out for.

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Moving boot from SAN Alpha DS20e (vms 7.3-2) to another EVA8000

Mel, your plan sounds OK, but, depending on the criticality of the system, it may be prudent to engage the services of someone who's done similar stuff before. Remember "Free advice is worth every cent".


There are plenty of folk to choose from, including some who participate in this forum.

A crucible of informative mistakes
Mel Nugent
Regular Advisor

Re: Moving boot from SAN Alpha DS20e (vms 7.3-2) to another EVA8000

Thanks John,


I'd contacted our local support company but was waiting on their reply. They put me in contact with a couple of HP guys ( compaq/digital era) who I've now spoke to.


The system is critical but reassured that we have some support and a fall back system.


following info gleaned so far:-



followed by

>>> wwidmgr -show wwid
>>> wwidmgr -quickset -udid n

where n is your unit number of the boot device.


Then reset default Boot path, may be able to use wildcards


>>> set bootdef_dev dgannn.*.*.*.*


Otherwise you need to use full path!