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Moving to Xerces 2.7

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Moving to Xerces 2.7

Hi All

We have some XML parsing software that has worked fine with the previous version of Xerces (v2.2, as supplied with XML C++ Technology Version 2.0-2), but we're having some teething issues migrating these applications over to Xerces 2.7 (as supplied with XML C++ Technology Version 3.0).

I've seen several references both on these forums, and scattered around the internet relating to the known backwards compatibility issues between the two Xerces versions, but I've been unable to get any specific clarification on what this actually entails.

We've been stripping code back to the bare basics, but there's still some issues that we've been unable to resolve. (Most notably with corrupted file paths)

I've seen several references to use of alternate technology (such as libxml2), but at the moment, that's not really an option for our implementation (we rely on other software that is very closely tied to the XERCES api).

Apologies if this is a bit vague - I've a good idea where the problem lies (which I'm following up on), but I would be interested to know if anyone else has had any success getting XML parsing with Xerces 2.7 working on their systems.

We have some software that works perfectly fine with the Xerces 2.7 port on VMS, so I'm fairly confident that it's not entirely 'broken' !

Any comments would be welcome

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Re: Moving to Xerces 2.7

You got further than I did. I started down the Xerces/Xalan path, decided it was too many problems, and punted and used libxml2. FWIW.