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NFS mount of Netapp Filer volume


NFS mount of Netapp Filer volume

Gentlemen (and ladies):

I am trying to access a volume created by our NetApp manager on a Netapp 3020C Filer from our VMS 7.3-2 servers as an NFS client.

The filer name is "netapp1"
He created the mount point: /vol/vms/qt
and I mounted it from UCX as follows:

UCX> MOUNT DNFS2:[PROMARC] /host ="netapp1" /path="/vol/vms/qt"

It mounted successfully and I was able to create a test com file in it called TIME.COM. But when I tried to execute TIME.COM, even after making S, O, G & W = RWED, I got the following message:

%RMS-E-PRV, insufficient privilege or file protection violation

Any ideas as to what needs to be done or what could be causing the problem? I suspect that maybe I need to set up proxy entries in the proxy db to map to an account on the Netapp box. But our main Netapp guy is out of town, out of reach, and the guy who set up the moint point for me does not know how to create accounts on the Netapp box.

So I guess I'm looking for two things

1) Does the proxy thing sound like it could be the problem/solution? If so, can anyone tell me how the accounts should be set up on both the Netapp box (so I can relay it to the asst mgr for that box) and in the proxy db on the VMs side

2) If this does not sound like the problem, does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem may be?

Thanks in advance!


Re: NFS mount of Netapp Filer volume

had to give mixed-mode access from the netapp box