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NSF and zipping files

Dr. Robert Young
Occasional Contributor

NSF and zipping files

This may be a repeat post, but I think the first one was "lost" in a browser error. ..so here we go...

The question is, if I have an NSF mounted volume, where the VMS file characteristics are stored in separate "invisible" ADF files, if I zip the parent file from the OpenVMS side of the connection, and store the resulting zip back to the NSF mounted drive, do the file characteristics "get lost"???
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: NSF and zipping files

Wouldn't it be faster (and more reliable) to
run a test than to ask? I might do it for
you, but I don't do much with NFS and VMS, so
it'd take me a while to set up a suitable
test environment. (You sound as if you
already have one.)


You are talking "zip -V", right?
Honored Contributor

Re: NSF and zipping files

Yes, do test it.

I'd expect that the VMS NFS client configured for ADF won't report those ADF files up to the user-land, so zip and the rest of the show that's running in VMS user-land won't see them.

A VMS client not set up for ADF would likely report those metadata files.

NFS running elsewhere will show those files, and will haul those metadata files around as separate files.

I usually prefer to use zip "-V" to hide all of the metadata mess from the intermediate hosts.

There is a discussion of this question also occurring in the comp.os.vms newsgroup, here: