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NTP on startup

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Re: NTP on startup

>So this is really nothing to do with NTP!

Everything and nothing to do with NTP, yes.

>From what you say, you want to set the system time from some external source, BEFORE you start NTP.

Yes. In this case, looking for a fast one-shot time change.

>The real question is why? Do you expect the system time to be so far off that synchronizing will take too long??

There are various reasons to do this. If you're swapping between operating systems on a regular basis, for instance, the saved time values can differ. If you're dealing with VAX and thus can't trust the time beyond the 400-some day window. If the box has been down long enough and the NiCd drained and the time was lost. And then there are the corner cases: if the BB_WATCH or TOY battery has been drained and swapped. If you're crossing a DST and don't have the automatic mechanisms in place. Etc.

This ntpdate stuff is a fairly common Unix startup sequence, FWIW. Though at least some servers have an option to "just set the system time on boot; don't drift it", too. Not all boxes have a clock or a reliable clock, after all.

Joseph Huber_1
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Re: NTP on startup

BTW, since many people recommend to switch to NTP from DTSS:
Decnet DTSS has one advantage: since Decnet and DTSS startup early in system startup, it will synchronize time before almost anything else (provided there is a server present), entries with wrong time in any log will be avoided.