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Need to downgrade Rdb slightly

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Jeremy Begg
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Need to downgrade Rdb slightly



Possibly the incorrect forum for this question but I thought I'd try here first.


I am adding some Integrity blades to an existing Alpha VMScluster.

The AlphaServers are running OpenVMS V8.3 with Rdb

The Integrity servers are running OpenVMS V8.4.


Due to a misunderstanding on my part I installed Rdb on the Integrity servers but the DBAs have asked me to replace it by as all systems will be directly accessing the same databases, and they don't want to upgrade Rdb on the AlphaServers at this stage.


Do I need to remove Rdb before installing, or will the installation of the latter simply overwrite the former?



Jeremy Begg

Occasional Advisor

Re: Need to downgrade Rdb slightly

Hi Jeremy,


I needed to revert from to 7.2.2  (and I did not look at using multi-version). 


Before removing, the vmsinstal for 7.2.2 advised ...



    The installation procedure found the existing file,
    to be a higher release version than that supplied with this
    kit.  This is a fatal condition and must be checked out before
    installation of Oracle Rdb can be attempted again.

           You must use RDB$DEINSTALL_DELETE.COM to deinstall the higher
    version before installing an older version.



Easily fixed by ...



(I had SQL/Services and the RDMS Monitor shutdown at the time.)





Andy Bustamante
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Re: Need to downgrade Rdb slightly

It's been a little while since I looked at RDB, but it was possible to run two versions of RDB on one server.  Depending on your long term plans, you might consider having both version on the Integrity server to ease future migration plans.  See the RDB doc.



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Jeremy Begg
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Re: Need to downgrade Rdb slightly

Thanks Lester, that was it exactly.


Just a warning to others: the deinstall procedure will delete your RDMAIJ72 and RDMSTT72 usernames from SYSUAF.  This was a minor annoyance.



Jeremy Begg