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New RX2800i2 crashes when booting from 3par SAN

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New RX2800i2 crashes when booting from 3par SAN


I'm trying to install OpenVMS8.4-1H1 for a new RX2800i2. The installation to SAN disk works fine, but during initial boot, VMS bugchecks with a 'Inconsisten IO database' error, with lots of '%DK-W-PORT_WAIT, Waiting for port' errors logged to the screen before that. So I can never boot the server :-(

I've seen a post that Update v6.0 contains a resolution for this particular error. Now the version I've installed is from the BA322-10012.ISO which is the only one I can download from HP' site. Is there anyway I can download a newer ISO with more updates included? BA322-10060 fx. should have update v10 included.

I also don't know where to download the updates from - it seems to be hidden very well. And if I could download the update, how could I apply it when I cannot boot?

Any other thoughts on how to resolve my issue?


Thanks in advance, Per.

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Re: New RX2800i2 crashes when booting from 3par SAN

Given this is a new installation and a new configuration and you're very likely under at least the initial support for VSI OpenVMS I64 V8.4-1H1, please contact the HPE or VSI support folks; the support folks for whichever bunch you purchased your VSI software from.  They can help you locate the proper patches and kits, as well.