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New forums v. SWB 1.1-12

Steven Schweda
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New forums v. SWB 1.1-12

   Has anyone else had any success using the new forums on a VMS system?

On my XP1000 running VMS V8.3 and SWB 1.1-12, everything is depressingly

(even unexpectedly?) slow, and when I tried to post a reply or a new message,

I couldn't get a cursor anywhere (but I can check the "Email me [...]" box).


Seems to be better in all ways on an old Mac G4 with Firefox.

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Re: New forums v. SWB 1.1-12

I am typing this in from a Windoz system running XP.  Seems to be OK.  My firewall rules prevent me from trying directly from a VMS  system as they are more isolated from the net.



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Re: New forums v. SWB 1.1-12

This reply is made with the "Quick Reply" button on SWB 1.1-12 on zx6000 with OpenVMS V8.4.

The normal reply page doesn't work on these same system. You can start typing text after having selected "Select All" when you right-click in the text field, but all text is lost when you send it (as you can see - or not see - in my previous post).

All of this is slow, but not extremely slow.
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Re: New forums v. SWB 1.1-12

This reply coming from Safari on Leopard (PPC).


Speed not fast ut not unacceptably slow either.