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Operating System - OpenVMS
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New to OpenVMS

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Andrie Darma Nugroho
Occasional Contributor

New to OpenVMS

Hi, I'm new in VMS. Where I can get the good resources for learning about LAT(Local Area Transport) in OpenVMS. Thanks
John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: New to OpenVMS


Do you really need to know about LAT? LAT was used to communicate between hosts and terminal servers, a kind of multiplexor, several serial lines, multiplexed through a network connection.

These days most terminal servers run TCP/IP, if they're used at all (users these days tend to be running PCs).

There are no LAT specific manuals in the current documentation set. Most of what you need to know is in "HP OpenVMS System Manager's Manual, Volume 1: Essentials"


Look up LAT in the index.

The LAT Control Program (LATCP) is documented in

"HP OpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual" Chapter 13.


Chances are, all you really need to know about LAT is enough to understand an existing application using LAT, so you can migrate it to TCP/IP.

Some die hards will consider the above heresy, but, that's just the way it is. Although LAT still does some things better than TCP/IP equivalents, it's pretty much a dead protocol.
A crucible of informative mistakes
David B Sneddon
Honored Contributor

Re: New to OpenVMS


Depending on exactly what you want to find out about LAT,
the following utility (including source) may be of
some interest


Unfortunately, as John's heresy states, LAT is pretty
much dead these days.

Andrie Darma Nugroho
Occasional Contributor

Re: New to OpenVMS

Thank you so much. My company has OpenVMS 6.1 system. It is used for the power plant control system.Now, that system got some errors in networking and network printing because some parts had broken and become obsolete.I want to migrate to TCP/IP so i try to learn about the existing system first and how they work. Thank you for your info.
Andrie Darma Nugroho
Occasional Contributor

Re: New to OpenVMS

The info from John and David are really useful for me. TIA