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ORA 12162 / 12170 and Oracle 10G

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ORA 12162 / 12170 and Oracle 10G


Still with Itanium OpenVMS 8.3-1H1 and oracle 10G R2

After installing Oracle 10 G R2 and created a test database, I have started and shut Oracle several times with
$ sqlplus / as sysdba
or startup

beqlsnr stop

Then I have modified the file in [network.admin]
tnsnames.ora in order to add my database TEST
on a remote PC and the Vms server.
I then connected fine from the PC on my TEST database.

A little later, any attempt to log in fails with ORA-12162

I noticed ora_sid was no longer defined, so I defined it again, and now


SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Thu Mar 26 17:37:37 2009

Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All Rights Reserved.

ORA-12170: TNS:Connect timeout occurred

Enter user-name:

I have looked at metalink
VMS: Checklist for TNS-12170 errors when accessing or creating a database
Doc ID: 434836.1

but found nothing

I have renamed the file tnsnames.ora
I have the logical ora_sid in the logical table.

Thanks for any hint

Hein van den Heuvel
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Re: ORA 12162 / 12170 and Oracle 10G

>> Then I have modified the file in [network.admin]tnsnames.ora

When you modified it, did you take care to assure that the file retained the stream_lf attribute?
Most (just make it all) Oracle control files now HAVE to be stream_lf.

If they are not, then to fix it on 8.3 you can use one-liners like:

$conve/fdl="record; format stream_lf" tns_admin:SQLNET.ORA tns_admin:/stat

See also


And a litte script that might be belpful below.

Hope this helps,

$! --- Check_fix_oracle_file.com ----
$if p1.eqs."" then goto help
$!p1 = f$elemenent(0,";",p1) + ";0"
$old = ""
$ file = f$search(p1)
$ if file.eqs."" then exit
$ if file.eqs.old then exit
$ old = file
$ rat = f$file(file,"rat")
$ rfm = f$file(file,"rfm")
$ if rat .eqs. "CR" .and. rfm .eqs. "STMLF" then goto loop
$ name = f$pars(file,,,"NAME") + f$pars(file,,,"TYPE")
$ write sys$output name, ": RFM/RAT = ''rfm'/''rat'. Should be STMLF/CR."
$ write sys$output "Issue: $ CONVERT/FDL=""RECORD; FORMAT STREAM_LF;
CARRIAGE CARRIAGE"" ''name' ''name'"
$ goto loop
$type sys$input:

-- Please provide (wildcarded) file specification as parameter


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Re: ORA 12162 / 12170 and Oracle 10G

Thanks Hein

It works now, and while I had applied the doc when creating the tnsnames.ora, I had not checked after my modif, so I guess this is the reason of the problem.

I do not understand why I still had this error after renaming the file ?
There is a faulty logic here I think, as with Oracle 10, stop or start Oracle means using
And this command is unavailable then...

Getting tired, I rebooted and it works fine now.