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OVMS 7.2-1 error activating image MAILSHR

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Markus Waldorf_1
Regular Advisor

OVMS 7.2-1 error activating image MAILSHR


has anyone had the problem below and knows how to fix it? As a normal user I cannot open mail. I could not find an approriate reason or answer on the web so far. Should I just change the mailshr.exe to w:re, or is there anything else (more) wrong?

I created a new user "test". When I login and type: $ mail
%DCL-W-ACTIMAGE, error activating image MAILSHR
-RMS-F-NOPRIV, insufficient privilege or object protection violation

MAILSHR.EXE;1 373 8-AUG-2001 09:56:49.61 [SYSTEM] (RWED,RWED,RE,)

SYSTEM@NW2>mc authorize sho test

Username: TEST Owner:
Account: UIC: [200,1000] ([TEST])
Primary days: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Secondary days: Sat Sun
No access restrictions
Expiration: (none) Pwdminimum: 6 Login Fails: 0
Pwdlifetime: (none) Pwdchange: (pre-expired)
Last Login: 28-JUN-2009 18:11 (interactive), (none) (non-interactive)
Maxjobs: 0 Fillm: 100 Bytlm: 64000
Maxacctjobs: 0 Shrfillm: 0 Pbytlm: 0
Maxdetach: 0 BIOlm: 150 JTquota: 4096
Prclm: 8 DIOlm: 150 WSdef: 2000
Prio: 4 ASTlm: 250 WSquo: 4000
Queprio: 0 TQElm: 10 WSextent: 16384
CPU: (none) Enqlm: 2000 Pgflquo: 50000
Authorized Privileges:
Default Privileges:

I have the of following patches installed:
SYSTEM@NW2>prod show hist
----------------------------------- ----------- ----------- --------------------
----------------------------------- ----------- ----------- --------------------
DEC AXPVMS DWMOTIF125_UPD V1.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:40:24
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_RENAME_OLD V2.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:39:30
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_PPPD V3.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:38:58
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_DRIVER V4.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:38:31
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_FIBRE_SCSI V6.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:37:52
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_F11X V4.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:37:09
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_LAN V4.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:36:28
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_CPU1605 V1.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:35:53
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_GRAPHICS V5.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:35:16
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_SHADOWING V7.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:34:21
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_SYSLOA V2.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:33:46
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_MOUNT96 V3.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:33:23
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_SYS V12.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:32:51
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_AMACRO V1.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 12:32:10
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_MEM_CHAN V1.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:14:37
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_LAT V1.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:14:06
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_AUDSRV V2.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:13:05
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_IPC V2.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:12:33
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_DW_MOT_MUP V1.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:11:54
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_BACKUP V2.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:11:16
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_DELETE V2.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:10:37
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_LOGIN V1.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:09:59
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_LIBRTL V4.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:09:30
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_MAIL V1.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:09:05
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_CLIUTL V3.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:08:36
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_DCL V3.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:07:57
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_RTPAD V2.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:07:26
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_REM V1.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:07:00
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_DDTM V2.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 09:06:18
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_ACRTL V4.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 08:54:34
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_DECW_XTERM V1.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 08:52:25
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_PTHREAD V4.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 08:51:48
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_MANAGE V2.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 08:51:16
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_RMS V5.0 Patch Install 24-JUN-2009 00:42:11
DEC AXPVMS TCPIP_ECO V5.1-155 Patch Install 23-JUN-2009 22:30:51
DEC AXPVMS TCPIP V5.1-15 Full LP Install 23-JUN-2009 22:30:07
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_UPDATE V3.0 Patch Install 23-JUN-2009 22:14:36
DEC AXPVMS VMS721_PCSI V1.0 Patch Install 23-JUN-2009 22:11:39
DEC AXPVMS DECNET_PHASE_IV V7.2-1 Full LP Install 23-JUL-2009 19:06:31
DEC AXPVMS DWMOTIF V1.2-5 Full LP Install 23-JUL-2009 19:06:31
DEC AXPVMS OPENVMS V7.2-1 Platform Install 23-JUL-2009 19:06:31
DEC AXPVMS VMS V7.2-1 Oper System Install 23-JUL-2009 19:06:31
----------------------------------- ----------- ----------- --------------------

Honored Contributor

Re: OVMS 7.2-1 error activating image MAILSHR

The expected file protections are documented in the security manual.

Most (all?) files in SYS$SHARE: are usually W:RE

It's particularly possible to get into this state if you're not using the SYSTEM username to install stuff, and the occasional ECO-triggered protection error can arise. I've also encountered system managers reset the protections and ownerships on the OpenVMS system files (to non-default values); something I don't typically recommend.

The list of expected directory and file protections is (was) in the back of the OpenVMS System Security manual.

Yes. Reset this file protection. Look for other cases, too.

No, I've not seen an HP-provided tool that resets everything, though I have seen an add-on tool or two try to manage protections. (Those tools usually caused the same sorts of problems that the system managers could trigger by local changes to the protections.)
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: OVMS 7.2-1 error activating image MAILSHR

Around here:

ALP $ dire /secu sys$library:MAILSHR.EXE



Total of 1 file.

Which makes more sense to me than
(RWED,RWED,RE,). (And I can read my mail.)

ALP $ write sys$output f$getsyi( "version")
Markus Waldorf_1
Regular Advisor

Re: OVMS 7.2-1 error activating image MAILSHR

I installed all patches as system. I checked sys$share (thanks for tip!) and all files have w:re. In fact Mailshr.exe was the only one without. There was obviously a patch, but it did not change the permission, or failed, but there were no errors reported when I installed the patches. I have changed the file permission:

SYSTEM@NW1>set file/prot=(w:re) MAILSHR.EXE

.. and mail works.

Below the previous permissions.

MAILSHR.EXE;1 373 8-AUG-2001 09:56:49.61 (RWED,RWED,RE,)
MAILSHR.EXE_OLD;2 373 24-JUN-2009 09:09:02.79 (RWED,RWED,RE,)
MAILSHR.IIF;1 14 9-DEC-1991 15:44:45.35 (RWED,RWED,RE,RE)
MAILSHRP.EXE;1 372 21-MAY-2001 14:40:03.23 (RWED,RWED,RE,RE)

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: OVMS 7.2-1 error activating image MAILSHR


there seems to never have been a MAILSHR.EXE with a creation date of 8-AUG-2001 in any 'official' OpenVMS patch kit.


The fact that the MAILSHR.EXE_OLD also had the wrong protection, indicates that this problem existed before.

You may want to use ANAL/IMA/INT to obtain the correct link dates for both images. Maybe you can then identify, which patch those images came from.