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Operating System - OpenVMS
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OVMS 7.2.1 reboot - rebuild free space unavailable

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Mauro Angelini
Occasional Visitor

OVMS 7.2.1 reboot - rebuild free space unavailable

During reboot on a OVMS 7.2.1 cluster system with raid Array RA-3000 disk set I have this message:

"...Rebuild in progress .... same free space unavailable .....DISQUOTA USAGE STALE"

What can I do to repair ????
David B Sneddon
Honored Contributor

Re: OVMS 7.2.1 reboot - rebuild free space unavailable

The command

$ set volume device:/rebuild=force

where "device:" is the disk in question will
force a rebuild.
The message you report "Rebuild in progress" seems to conflict
with the "some free space unavailable".
Can you post the EXACT text of the message?
Is it for the system disk or a data disk?
If it is the system disk you can set the sysgen parameter
ACP_REBLDSYSD=1 to force a rebuild at boottime.

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: OVMS 7.2.1 reboot - rebuild free space unavailable


the correct message is:

REBLDREQD, rebuild not performed; some free space unavailable;
diskquota usage stale


This happens (and will happen again), if a disk is not cleanly dismounted during shutdown.

Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: OVMS 7.2.1 reboot - rebuild free space unavailable

If this is the system disk I expect you have system parameter ACP_REBLDSYSD set to 0 and therefore the rebuild is not automatically done. You do it yourself using SET VOLUME/REBUILD=FORCE.

If the disk is not the system disk then I expect it is being mounted with /NOREBUILD qualifier.

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Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: OVMS 7.2.1 reboot - rebuild free space unavailable

Maybe some background info:

If a file is created or extended, then the amount "extendsize" (specified in the OPEN, if not specified for the file, then the disk, then the system) is allocated.
Upon CLOSE, the used part of the file is trimmed down to the next disk-clustersize, and the remainder is freed.
If the disk gets improperly dismounted, the trimming upon close can not be done.
In that case, the amount that should have been given back is now unavailable, and the usage info does not take that info account. Hence "stale info".
perform any CLOSE cleanup processing that was prevented by the improper dismount.



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Tim Hughes_3

Re: OVMS 7.2.1 reboot - rebuild free space unavailable

There is an in memory "free" disk bit map cache. "Free" space is taken from the disk and cached in memory. When "free" space is needed it can be taken this cache instead of scanning the on disk free space bit map. The cached "free" sapce is marked as used on the disk. (MON FILE?)

On a dismount the unsed cached "free" space is set as really free on the disk. If the dismount does not happen the cached free space is not returned and "same free space is unavailable". Thus a "rebuild" is done on the next mount, but this can be disabled.

The file extent trimming occurs on the file CLOSE and you cant dismount a volume with open files. Not real sure if a rebuild (or anal/disk/repair) would free the unused amount as the on disk EOF pointer may not be correct following a crash/shutdown without dismount. BACKUP/TRUNC does.