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OpenVMS Cluster

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huu duc le
Occasional Contributor

OpenVMS Cluster

I has an OpenVMS Cluster that contains 2 Alpha Server ES40 nodes. The CI is the cluster interconnect bus.
I wants to replace my old NIC 10/100 Mb/s by
a Gigabit Ethernet.
After replacement the NIC, do I need to reconfig my cluster with CLUSTER_CONFIG.COM?

Robert Gezelter
Honored Contributor

Re: OpenVMS Cluster

huu duc le,

First, welcome to the HP OpenVMS ITRC Forum!

For a start, which version of OpenVMS is bring used? Additionally, more details about the configuration would be helpful. What is your disk connectivity?

What are the NICs currently used for?

If cluster communications are currently over the CI, then the addition of the gigabit Ethernet adapters will not affect the underlying cluster communications.

If the intent is to use the gigabit Ethernet adapters for the actual cluster (e.g., SCS) traffic, as opposed to IP, DECnet, and LAT, then a slightly different approach is appropriate.

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
Honored Contributor

Re: OpenVMS Cluster

You likely won't have to touch CLUSTER_CONFIG or CLUSTER_CONFIG_LAN or even clustering in general here.

By default, clustering will happily find whatever cluster-capable devices you've connected and start chattering away. And unless you've gone out of your way to disallow it, chances are good that clustering knows about and is using your network connections, too.

It is likely you'll have to work within TCP/P Services (or whatever your IP stack is) and within DECnet (if you're using that) to account for the change of device names that is likely here.

IP and DECnet, on the other hand, want to assign addresses to specific devices, and these tend to have specific device prefixes.

CI and (I presume) HSJ-class storage? For two boxes? Really? That's very old gear. For two nodes located within the typical distance of the CI and an SC008 star coupler, you may well be able to replace the CI here with a multi-host SCSI connection. That'll be substantially more capacious, and substantially faster than CI, and (unless that HSJ is packed with disks) substantially less cabinetry and disk hardware. And it'll be cheaper to maintain, too.
huu duc le
Occasional Contributor

Re: OpenVMS Cluster

Thanks to reply quickly.
My cluster is an OpenVMS version 8.3.
The NIC adapter is used with the software "Multinet", so I just need to reconfigure in the "Multinet" software only.
Thanks again.

Huu duc le