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OpenVMS Telnet Printing

Jon Pinkley
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Re: OpenVMS Telnet Printing


Go back to Bill Hall's suggestion. Something is making the TELNETSYM behave differently than the LATSYM. It isn't because the LTA device is preventing line wraps (since your LTA device is set /wrap, if anything we would expect extra lines in the output of the LATSYM queue).

You have told us that everything but the queue is the same, i.e. the forms are the same. If that is true, and the same form works differently on the LATSYM queue than the TELNETSYM queue, something is modifying the data streams differently in the LAT case vs. the TCP case.

Can you provide output of

$ show logical /system *telnetsym*

Here are the setting we use for the telnetsym stream modifiers (in our sys$manager:sylogicals.com)

$ define/system/executive/nolog tcpip$telnetsym_raw_tcp 1
$ define/system/executive/nolog tcpip$telnetsym_suppress_formfeeds 34

I recommend keeping both queues active so you can send the same job to both queues and verify that the results are the same.

I will also state that we use Epson DFX-5000 printers, and we abandoned using the epson "ethernet" card that went into the slot because we couldn't get it to work correctly. We gave up rather quickly, since we could get the DFX-5000 to work correctly using external ethernet-parallel print servers (we used hp JetDirect 300X J3263A external units we bought off ebay). These were used when we moved printers off async serial ports on Cisco 2511 routers, and the only change from the VMS point of view was chaning the ip_address:tcpip_port associated with the print queue.


it depends
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Re: OpenVMS Telnet Printing

I think that latsym drops any %X00 in the print stream while telnetsym does not.
You should set the telnetsym debug flags to record the print stream, and compare it to that sent down the serial line (you do have a WG DT10 don't you?)
Anton van Ruitenbeek
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Re: OpenVMS Telnet Printing


Is the hardware the same ?
I didn't catch or the printer is still the same. It looks like the printer pagelength itself (on the printer) is changed in two lines less.
If the printer is physicly the same, maybe it has multiple settings, one for network and one for Serial.
The behavior looks like this because the consiquently FF after two lines, next page 4 lines short etc.

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Re: OpenVMS Telnet Printing


Apart from these all settings, I woild like to suggest you something about Printer Hardware side. Please read the manual carefully. I believe there must be some dip swithes/config menu will be in inside the printer to adjust.

Thanks and Regards
Sanjay Kumar.