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Hi All,

how to find out which network card is used for cluster communications in multiple network cards?  (in OpenVMS)


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Re: OpenVMS


You can use LIST DEV dev-name or /ALL
and use SHOW DEV dev-name /character and SHOW CONFIG from LANCP utility.

There are many commands you may want use and get the required information for any node or all node using the LANCP utility.


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Re: OpenVMS

Thank you Navipa.

Steven Schweda
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Re: OpenVMS

> [...] from LANCP utility.

   LANCP will show you all your network interfaces.  It's not obvious to
me that it will tell you which network interfaces are used for cluster
communications.  By default, I believe that all are used (but I don't
know where I saw that).

   There seem to be some potentially useful programs here:

   I just tried them (pre-built executables in SYS$EXAMPLES) on my
rx2660 (VMS V8.4), with mixed results:

ITS $ mcr sys$disk:[]LAVC$START_BUS.EXE
Bus Name: ewb0
%SYSTEM-F-DEVACTIVE, device is active

ITS $ mcr sys$disk:[]LAVC$STOP_BUS.EXE
Bus Name: ewb0

ITS $ mcr sys$disk:[]LAVC$START_BUS.EXE ewb0
packet_write_wait: Connection to Broken pipe

   That last one crashed the system.  I don't know if that's because I
put the device name on the command line for that one, or if "start" is
more dangerous than "stop", or what.  I probably won't be trying that
again soon.

Volker Halle
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Re: OpenVMS

Use MC SCACP SHOW LAN to find out all LAN interfaces active for cluster communication.

MC SCACP SHOW CONNECTIONS will show you the existing SCS connections to all other cluster member via the local and remote LAN interfaces.


Peter Zeiszler
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Re: OpenVMS

Try this command too:

mc scacp show channel

This will show the communication and counters.