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Oracle 8i backups via HSG80 Snapshot ?

Jim Butler_2
Occasional Visitor

Oracle 8i backups via HSG80 Snapshot ?

I am looking for information on performing Oracle 8i backups by use of HSG80 Snapshot functionality. We can upgrade to required levels of VMS and firmware as needed, so initial versions are not listed.

Ideally someone can point me to offical statements of support by HP and Oracle for this. To date searching only finds references to an EVM based solution for Oracle 9i.

Second best is feedback from sites that are using this method successfully in a production setting.

Re: Oracle 8i backups via HSG80 Snapshot ?

Well I'd start by checking with Oracle, if they support it they will know what versions/configurations they tested on = support.

Isn't every computer a Digital computer?
Martin Johnson
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i backups via HSG80 Snapshot ?

Just remember that large portions of data and data structures are stored in memory and buffers. This data needs to be written to disk before you do a snapshot or your backup is worthless.

We actually have Oracle do a dump to disk and then backup the disk with the dump.

Whatever method you eventually use, do a test recovery to verify everything can be recovered. Back in April, I needed to recover an application and discovered my backup routines missed a key directory tree. I was unable to recover from backup. Fortunately, this was a test machine and I could recover the files from the production machine.