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Oracle10gR2 RAC, OpenVMS 8.2.1

shashi kanth
Super Advisor

Oracle10gR2 RAC, OpenVMS 8.2.1

I am having an issue while Installing Oracle Clusterware.

Whenever i run the runinstaller command, the command asks 2 questions before invoking GUI. One is , what is the Home directory, and second one is, whay is the temp directory. Whatever temp directory that i can give , the GUI throws an error message saying that "Orainstall*.out , file currently locked by another user "

Anyone tell me what could be the problem ?

Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle10gR2 RAC, OpenVMS 8.2.1

The home directory is the default login directory.

The temp directory is usually a temporary directory.

What these might be varies by site.

The Oracle installation documentation should describe the requisite installation sequence, and details on how to reference these directories for the purposes of the Oracle 10g installation.

You likely want to search for and/or ask this of the folks over at Oracle and/or the Oracle discussion and support forums. There likely exists less experience here at the HP site. There likely exists rather more information and documentation on Oracle over at Oracle.

The usual trigger for a FLK file lock error is some other process holding the file open. The DCL command SHOW DEVICE/FILE/NOSYS ddcu: can usually show which other process has the file open.
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Re: Oracle10gR2 RAC, OpenVMS 8.2.1

Make sure the temp dir is ods-5, also.
Kevin Carter_3
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Re: Oracle10gR2 RAC, OpenVMS 8.2.1

In addition to the ODS-5 requirement don't forget to put:
$ set process/parse_style=extended
in the login.com for the Oracle account