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-PROCDUMP-E-NOREAD, no access to location

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-PROCDUMP-E-NOREAD, no access to location

Hi ,
We have customer runing IA64 HP OpenVMS, 8.3-1H1 . Their process always crash many time and AP vendor still can not find out why ?

We suggest then open debug option and get process dump file to analyze .

During the AP process dump , getting following message :
%PROCDUMP-W-BADLOGIC, internal logic error detected at PC 00000000.7B5D3160
-PROCDUMP-E-NOREAD, no access to location 22000580.0A211801, length 00000000.000000B8, requested at PC 00000000.7B5D1840

We want to know
1. if the process dump file still valid ?
2. it maybe system or AP oriented issue ?
3. From system view , any tip we can help the AP vendor to debug the crash issue ?

Thank in advance !

- Honda
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Re: -PROCDUMP-E-NOREAD, no access to location

The process dump file is very likely valid.

It's very likely an application problem. But I may misinterpret the "Their process always crash".

I would make sure that the process dump is analyzed on the system where the "crash" happened. Again, on the very same system I would try to read the process dump with SDA. I would make sure that the latest ECOs for exception handling and the debugger are installed.
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Re: -PROCDUMP-E-NOREAD, no access to location

Sorry , I should say
The critical user process crash many times.

This machine is going to production so the ECO should already uptodate , to make sure I would verify with user tomorrow .

We transfer the dump file to AP vendor and forget to veriy in local machine , would also veriy tomorrow .

Thank you so much for giving the hints :-)
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Re: -PROCDUMP-E-NOREAD, no access to location

Customer ECO already up to date .
We make sure the dump is ok and now please AP vendor do their buziness .

Thank you so much !