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Pathworks Show command

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Douglass Anderson
Regular Advisor

Pathworks Show command

Advanced Server V7.3A for OpenVMS
on VMS 7.3.1

I am doing the following commands:
admin show users /accounts
Admin show Connections
Admin Show Sessions

and I am noticing some odd things.
1) sessions has blank connected user fields
2) some users have "Last Logon: Never" but the user is listed in sessions and connections.
3) Connections has some blank User name column.

Thank you in advanced
Tim Nelson
Honored Contributor

Re: Pathworks Show command

Honored Contributor

Re: Pathworks Show command

Hi Doug,
1) There is always one session withou user on your server. I guess is a technical session of pathwork. On my system is the same.
2) Sessions in your list doesn't means logon. AFAIK client can open some session for internal use (e.g. check for valid license). Last logon is really interactive logon of user in domain.
3) Same of session.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti
Jan van den Ende
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Re: Pathworks Show command


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Douglass Anderson
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Re: Pathworks Show command