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Pathworks and file permissions

Mark Fisher_2
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Pathworks and file permissions

I have Pathworks 6.1 running on VMS 7.3-1. Even since before my upgrade from Pathworks 6.0D, I have had problems with new files being created from VMS with default file permissions and not being able to see them on the Windows side unless I change file permissions on VMS to RWED for SOGW. I know this cannot be right, but I am mystified as to what to change to not have to change file permissions every time a new file is created. Anyone have a clue for me?

Re: Pathworks and file permissions

I have RWED,RWED,RE,R permittions for VMS-created files in shared directory and PC clients successfully view them on PW6.0B :-\

But!... periodically files disapears from share to clients until I've restart PathWorks. In this case some clients simply dosn't see them, when other gets unlimited list of files with many dublicated files.
Karl Rohwedder
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Re: Pathworks and file permissions

I encountered the problem with uncomplete directories also on Advsrv V7.3, but it was solved with an Eco.

E.g. a file .; in a directory or a file
ABC. in directory ABC also leads to problems in some versions.
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Re: Pathworks and file permissions

your problem is a bit complex. You could indagate owner and group of VMS and owner and group of pathwork (may be different); to simplify this one I use same username and group in both environment but this choice may be not good for you.

Antonio Maria Vigliotti
Brad McCusker
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Re: Pathworks and file permissions

It sounds like you are using a combination of Advanced Server and OpenVMS security.

Typical, and recommended is to use Advanced Server Only security.

What is the difference?

In "Advanced Server Only" security, only network security is enforced; OpenVMS access checks are bypassed.

In "Advanced Server and OpenVMS" security, both network security and OpenVMS security are enforced. If the user's access request passes the Advanced Server security check, Advanced Server checks the OpenVMS security set on the requested resource, determined by the OpenVMS user account to which the network user account is mapped. Access is granted when the user passes both security checks.

To see which mode you are using, run ADMIN/CONFIG, and then choose the "Advanced" Box. The screen that pops up should have a box for the security model. If Advanced Server and OpenVMS is checked, then, check "Advanced Server Only" and restart your server. Tell us if that helps solve the problem.

If you are using "advanced server only", then, the problem centers around what permission the server has to access files.

Even though you might not be employing VMS security for your network users, VMS security is still enforced for the file server. In otherwords, the file server needs to have the right to access a resource. Did you start the server from the SYSTEM account? If not, please do so. What VMS account owns new files that get created in the shares? Does the VMS account have any rights identifiers that might be getting in the way? Or, does it lack rights identifiers?

Hope this helps

Brad McCusker

Brad McCusker
Software Concepts International