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Pathworks question. - Setting up Trusts.

The Brit
Honored Contributor

Pathworks question. - Setting up Trusts.

Setting up trusts.


    We have a DS10 attached to our blade cluster basically so that we can continue to
run Pathworks (Advanced Server).

    We have two local domains  1)  Magic, a Windows Domain Controller, and 2) TESSCO,
an NT4 Domain Controller.    These two domain controllers are in the same "forest" (as
described by our Windows Admin).    There is a trust set up between these two domains
which allows the users logged into Magic to mount and access the Shares presented by

    We have a third (remote) domain, WAVE, a W2K Domain Controller, which has an external
Trust set up between WAVE and MAGIC.   

    Our task is to make TESSCO shares available to users logged in to the WAVE domain.


    The Windows guy set up an external trust between WAVE and TESSCO, which should "permit"
TESSCO to set up WAVE as a trusted domain.

    I logged in as "administrator" on TESSCO, I entered the following command (and got the
following message)


TESSCO\\KELVIN> add trust WAVE "wrotepasswordhere" /TRUSTED
This may take some time, do you wish to continue? [YES or NO] (YES) :
%PWRK-E-ERRADDTRUST, error adding trust between domains "WAVE" and "TESSCO"
-LM-E-NERR_DCNOTFOUND, could not find domain controller for this domain


I then thought that maybe I needed set up TESSCO on WAVE, as a domain which is
permitted to trust WAVE, so I entered the following command (and got the associated


TESSCO\\KELVIN> add trust tessco "wrotepasswordhere" /domain=wave /permitted /noconf
%PWRK-E-DCNOTFND, cannot find Primary Domain Controller for "WAVE"


I finally tried to set it up using the /server qualifier, and got.


TESSCO\\KELVIN> add trust tessco "wrotepasswordhere" /server=server-1 /permitted /noconf
%PWRK-E-ERRGETSRV, error getting server information for "SERVER-1"
-LM-E-ERROR_BAD_NETPA, the network path cannot be located


The Windows guy thinks we need a WINS entry to link TESSCO to the Remote Domain Controller.

I personally have no idea.    If it is relevent, this node is running TCPWARE 5.9-2 on OpenVMS 8.3.


I would be grateful for any hits you could give me.






Paul Nunez
Respected Contributor

Re: Pathworks question. - Setting up Trusts.



The Windows admin is probably on the right track - WINS will probably help Advanced Server resolve some NetBIOS names that identify the PDC of the WAVE domain.  


$ admin/config


Use the Tab key to move to the Transports button and press Enter.


You can specify only a single WINS server address.  Tab to the WINS Name resolution option and press the Space bar to enable it and then tab to and specify the address of a WINS server.   Note that the DNS name resolution option won't help in this case.  Any changes will require Advanced Server be restarted.


Advanced Server needs to resolve some NetBIOS names that identify the PDC of the WAVE domain.  


Then execute the command you attempted first


TESSCO\\KELVIN> add trust WAVE "wrotepasswordhere" /TRUSTED



Frequent Advisor

Re: Pathworks question. - Setting up Trusts.

As far as I know, the correct solution to this problem is given by Paul Nunez.


On top of that we had to make an entry of our Pathworks system in the LMHOSTS file of the Windows PDC (or any Domain Controller used to set up the trust), but this may not be necessary in this case.

Doug Phillips
Trusted Contributor

Re: Pathworks question. - Setting up Trusts.

After struggling with Windows networking "issues" outside of my control for years, I have found it much less trouble in the long run to leave the Windows servers & domains to the Windows people and move Advanced Server to its own independent domain (unless AS is performing some vital domain function). Windows clients can connect to out-of-domain servers or even other PC's in their network path. A few searches should find how-to's that fit your situation.