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Perl/Tk on VMS

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Perl/Tk on VMS

It looks like there's a port of Perl/Tk for OpenVMS. I currently connect using Reflection under Windows XP, and I think Reflection is just a terminal emulator (i.e., no graphics support). If that's the case, what are the options for connecting to an Alpha machine running OpenVMS that supports Perl/Tk?
Joseph Huber_1
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Re: Perl/Tk on VMS

I know nothing, but isn't it called reflectionX ?
i.e. contains an X11 server.

Anyway, You need an X11 (Xwindow) server for windows. There are free ones like CygwinX.

With the X11 server started on the windows system, You can point the VMS DECW$DISPLAY to the server screen:
The display is set automatically if login is through an SSH tunnel (Putty or a Cygwin-X xterm).
You can also run the VMS XDM server, then open an XDM Decwindows session.
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Re: Perl/Tk on VMS

Perl is available for OpenVMS, and separately installed.

Tcl/Tk is available, and separately installed.

Lua, Python and other languages are also available, and installable.

Serial connections into a terminal emulator on a Windows XP box, on Mac OS X, or on a Linux box are all either integrated or are available.

Remote X Window displays are also available, if the client has an X Window server, and the Reflection X package is one of these. As well as usually with a terminal emulator AFAIK. There are alternatives to both for Windows XP and Windows 7, too.
Craig A Berry
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Re: Perl/Tk on VMS

I have never run Perl/Tk but I have heard of folks doing so (though not recently). If you put "Perl/Tk" in the search box here:


you'll find some info. Or Google "Jesper Naur Perl/Tk".