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Please help me. How about Config NTP Time (IA64)

Surachai Khumsamut
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Please help me. How about Config NTP Time (IA64)

Please help about configuration NTP Time on Itanium Server

I had three server , Itanium RX4640 =1 and RX2620 =2
rx4640 (TEST01) ,main ip
rx2620 (TEST02) ,main ip
rx2620 (TEST03) ,main ip
i want server (TEST02,TEST03) auto got Date/Time from server TEST01 with service NTP , and now three server >
- on service NTP = Enable
How about config file TCPIP$NTP.CONF ?? (three server) i not sure config Client/Server Mode or
Client Mode. please help me! Thank so much
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Re: Please help me. How about Config NTP Time (IA64)

Here is the current documentation for NTP, from within the TCP/IP Services management manual, within the OpenVMS documentation set:


The NTP material in the manual can be a little dense, so also take a look at the contents of the template file, which you use to create the TCPIP$NTP.CONF file per the following set-up step:

"To create a configuration file for your local host, edit a copy of the file TCPIP$NTP.TEMPLATE (located in SYS$SPECIFIC:[TCPIP$NTP]) to add the names of participating hosts, then save the file as SYS$SPECIFIC:[TCPIP$NTP]TCPIP$NTP.CONF."

Which in DCL is:

$ COPY -

Then type out the file, and read through the set-up comments. The comments here should get you going quickly. And read through the manual as needed.

After a look at the available material here, do let us know if there is a particular part of the documentation that is confusing.

And in general, OpenVMS clocks (VAX, Alpha and Itanium) are comparatively inaccurate timekeeping devices, and -- if you're concerned about time and the accuracy of the system time -- then you'll want to get a local out-board NTP server (GPS- or WWV-based or otherwise), or you'll want to connect to one of the various available NTP servers around your network, or around the Internet.