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Post HELP UAR issues for new Form

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Post HELP UAR issues for new Form


I am having an issue with FMS POST help UAR for the new FMS screens developed.

I had created a new FMS FORM and Assaigned a Post help UAR and its work fine in the test environement.
In Production environment when the help key is pressed, cursor skips to the next field and no help message is shown. we have common UAR (vax Basic) program for all FMS froms, it is working for the other existing Screens/forms and failing only for the new froms.

Steps followed :
1) Created a new form
2) Assaigned an updated UAR (basic Program)
3) FMS/INS or FMS/REP issued

It works fine in the TEST environemnt.(both FRM & FLB are physically present in this directory)
Production has only FLB ( FRM is not coppied)
Coppied the FLB to Production and now New form is loaded and works fine but the UAR POST help messages are not shown when help key is pressed.
John Gillings
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Re: Post HELP UAR issues for new Form


Is the file or library containg the help messages in the correct place with the correct protection?

Try enabling file access failure alarms?

If you're privileged, use


to track exactly what file accesses are made.
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Re: Post HELP UAR issues for new Form


Thanks for the response. we did try this command and we could find all the dat & EXE files which are being accessed. But I did not see the reference to FLB.

System is designed as follows :

Help/text messages are present in the UAR basic program and linked to the EXE that is loading the FRM's.

This is working in test and when HELP key is pressed, we could see the POST HELP messages.

same FLB and EXE's are copied to Production and in that environment help messages are not shown and rest of the FRM is working.

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Post HELP UAR issues for new Form

Are those UAR's in a shareable image?
Are they moved to the right target locations? Logical names? Installed images?

Was a new 'vector' build and linked with the function containing the FDV$ATERM call?
If this still fails you may want to reply with a text file attachment showing the relations of the varios components in the solution: main-exe, shr-exe, flb-file, vectors. Who calls who?
Can you debug, and set breakpoints in UAR and such on the production box?