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Printing with DCPS on Xerox 7545

Bo Midberg
Valued Contributor

Printing with DCPS on Xerox 7545

Have set up a DCPS  queue to a Xerox WorkCentre 7545, but when specifying duplex (SIDES=TWO) or staple (STAPLE=TOP_LEFT or STAPLE=TOP_RIGHT) nothing is printed. Singlesided printout without stapling works. The DCPS queue is setup to use IP_LPD and the logical DCPS$qn_PRODUCT_NAME = "Xerox WCP C3545" as Xerox says the 7545 has replaced C3545, and the logical DCPS$qn_NO_SYNC = "1". Has also tried with setting logical DCPS$qn_SPOOL = "TRUE"


Any idea about how to make duplex and stapling working?

Frequent Advisor

Re: Printing with DCPS on Xerox 7545

The Release Notes of DCPS V2.7 talk about a problem with stapling on a "Xerox WorkCentre Pro printer". Apparently this is corrected in DCPS V2.6 ECO3.


However the description of the problem in the Release Notes does not exactly match your situation, so it is quite possible something more is wrong. After all, your printer is not listed in the DCPS supported printers list (neither is mine).


My Xerox 7435 has no Postscript installed so I cannot try it myself.

Paul Anderson_7
Frequent Advisor

Re: Printing with DCPS on Xerox 7545

Xerox uses unusual PostScript constructs for stapling.  If there's a way to have the printer print out PostScript errors, I'd do so.  Sadly, LPD printing is not bi-directional, so DCPS can't catch PostScript errors.


You can get a hint as to the stapling code by looking at the PPD file for the printer, if you have one or can find one on Xerox's web site.


Just because Xerox says the 7545 has replaced the C3545 doesn't mean the code is the same, just that marketing has decided the features of one replace the other in their product line.


Good luck.