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Problem w/Ethernet Card

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Jack Trachtman
Super Advisor

Problem w/Ethernet Card

VMS V7.3-2

Have been using 1st port on DE602 for many years. Ran new e-net cable to port 2 & saw link & activity lights come on. To confirm activity, used LANCP SHO EIB/COUNT cmd - but counts were 0! Swapped the two cables but still no counts on EIB. Had HP replace card but sill not count on EIB. (Console params are set same for both ports). I seem to be missing something obvious.

What would stop VMS from seeing any activity on the port?
Jon Pinkley
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem w/Ethernet Card

We have an ES40/667 with a DE602 running 7.3-2 and I see counts on both EIA0 and EIB0.

I've attached output from SDA> clue config, landp show dev/rev/char/cou so at least you can compare with what you have.

EIB is used for cluster traffic.

What do you get for output from

$ mcr lancp show device

Do you have more than just the DE602?

it depends
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem w/Ethernet Card

DECnet and/or IP are probably shut down on the port.

That's fairly normal practice for a disconnected port, and it's particularly useful to avoid port-down errors in the logs.

Use NCP (usually both LINE and CIRCUIT are SET and DEFINE to STATE OFF for the controller) or NCL, and/or TCPIP$CONFIG or [insert Process IP tool name here] to check the status and configuration and activity of the port from the perspective of the host network software.
Andy Bustamante
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem w/Ethernet Card

As Hoff points out, the most likely situation is there are no network protocols enabled on EIB. Depending on your environment you may want to enable LAN failover or FAILsafe IP. Another option is to isolate DECnet and IP traffic on different interfaces. Since the counts are 0, I'll assume your system isn't clustered and you don't need a redundant cluster interface connection. You have many configuration options, your environment will determine which one you select.

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Jack Trachtman
Super Advisor

Re: Problem w/Ethernet Card

My ignorance.

I hadn't used secondary ethernet ports before, and expected VMS to not only acknowledge the port but also to start counting ethernet packets automatically.

Now that I've enabled DECnet on the port, I can see byte counts.