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RCP between Alpha and HP-UX

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Chuck Ciesinski
Honored Contributor

RCP between Alpha and HP-UX

To all,

I've been asked to see if there is a way to provide for secure file transfers between a GS-1280 OpenVMS 7.3-2 and an HP-UX database server, 11.11 v1. File transfers are for Oracle and our security group would like to see the elimination of rcopy. Any and all help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Chuck Ciesinski
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Joseph Huber_1
Honored Contributor

Re: RCP between Alpha and HP-UX

Depending on the TCPIP stack in use, You have the SSH programs: scp and sftp.

(HP TCPIP services 5.4 and later, Multinet/TCPware).
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Re: RCP between Alpha and HP-UX


As per Mr.Joe sugesstion, we can use SFTP, and SCP.

But I feel better using Automated Secure file transfer facility in Attachemat and Rumba emulator. Using which we can write small macro scripts to automate the secure file transfers with some pre-processing on the VMS files before transfer.

In my previous client, I wrote the emulator macro scripts, which will do some processing on the files to be transfered to HP UX, scheduling the file transfer at any specific timing, sending emails once after completing transfer, and status check on successfull file transfer.

These emulator is not hight cost, and evaluation version CD also available. The main advantage is secure transfer, pre-precessing on the files to be transferred, SCHEDuled File transfer, and file transfer status check with very small two three lines of easy scrits.

rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: RCP between Alpha and HP-UX

I _think_ that scp is loaded automagically in the 11iv1 OS load, but if it is not, you can find the OpenSSH bits, and many other "open source" bits in the HP Internet Express bits you can download from software.hp.com.
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Michael Yu_3
Valued Contributor

Re: RCP between Alpha and HP-UX

Hi Chuck,

Use key authentications for SSH and use scp or sftp for copying.

Thanks and regards.