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Re: RTR Command Server not coming up

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RTR Command Server not coming up

RTR commands are not getting executed from some accounts of Alpha Server.The RTRCSV process is not getting created from these problematic accounts.RTRACP and RTRD process are up and RTRCSV process is getting created for some other a/c's of the same node.Account level privileges were checked and this is ruled out as a problem because when problematic sysuaf a/c is created using the sysuaf a/c of the a/c which is ok,then also the problem is not resolved.
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Re: RTR Command Server not coming up

Ring up HP support and ask for assistance here, if there's a support contract in place. (And for sites that are using RTR, there's usually a support contract around.)

If you want to pursue this here in ITRC, then rather more detail beyond what's posted will be required. We can start with posting the OpenVMS Alpha and RTR versions and patch levels, the RTR configuration, and relevant details from the RTR log files. And if you're not current with patches, get there.

RTR is usually adept about logging errors and various related details, so there should be details in the RTR log files.

And the "a/c" (which I presume is "account", and more specifically the "username" in OpenVMS terminology) would be an obvious target of investigation around the process quotas and around the process logical names and login environment. Around the username-specific differences between what works and what doesn't. RTR is rather more involved than the user's privileges.

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Re: RTR Command Server not coming up


Not much to go on, but here's a few things to check:

Make sure RTR is started from the SYSTEM account.

Check the RTR log files for messages indicating the problem.

If necessary increase the message detail level.

You haven't made it clear if RTR was working and has now stopped, or if this is a new system you're trying to get going.

If in doubt, log a case with HP customer support. IF you don't have a support contract, what are you using RTR for? Any function that requires RTR levels of reliability also requires levels of support that you can only get by paying for them!
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