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Radius Authentication using Perl Radius::

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James T Horn
Frequent Advisor

Radius Authentication using Perl Radius::

Does anyone have an example of using Perl module Radius:: for authentication? Where would the /etc/radius/dictionary in an openvms environment?
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Radius Authentication using Perl Radius::

Why not use a native RADIUS server for VMS?

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James T Horn
Frequent Advisor

Re: Radius Authentication using Perl Radius::

We need a perl script to use Radius:: calls to authenticate to a radius server. The Radius:: calls need to reference a dictionary file that I am thinking would be from a radius server.
Honored Contributor

Re: Radius Authentication using Perl Radius::

There's no Radius server nor Radius client built into OpenVMS, so there will be no Radius configuration files present, such as the requested /etc/radius/dictionary file.

OpenVMS itself is completely different than OpenVMS, so the files found in /etc and other such Unix directories does not generally exist, or exists elsewhere, or else-different. (You can see some of these Unix directories implemented inside the separately-installed GNV environment, and C will translate some common Unix specifications into OpenVMS equivalents, but -- in general -- you won't most Unix directories present.)

Now as to where Ruslan put that configuration file (or whatever the analogous file) when he ported Radius over to OpenVMS, I don't know. But there's undoubtedly an analog. Pull down the kit and install it and have a look.

In other words, you'll need to install the Radius server, look around, and port over the Perl module.

Or use LDAP and external authentication or other such mechanism, depending on exactly what you're up to. Or use a Perl tie-in into LDAP, etc.
Craig A Berry
Honored Contributor

Re: Radius Authentication using Perl Radius::

Poking around in the Net::Radius namespace here:


I see a directory full of examples and another directory full of dictionaries. I do not see offhand anything that looks especially OS-specific and this is a pure-Perl module -- no interfaces to C modules.

I guess the answer to where the dictionary is might be where do you want it to be and / or where has your Radius installation already put it.
Ruslan R. Laishev
Super Advisor

Re: Radius Authentication using Perl Radius::

Hello, James!

As I understand you need a PERL stuff to performs an authentication against RADIUS?

U don't need a dictionary and other RADIUS related stuff, just form an UDP packet with 2 attributes: Username & Password, it's a two screen of code maximum (include retransmits and answer checking/validating).

You can use as examples: