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Operating System - OpenVMS
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Remove Winbind Mapping

Occasional Advisor

Remove Winbind Mapping

I use CIFS V1.2 ECO 1 on an OpenVMS 8.3-1H1 .

wbinfo -x should be used to remove a Winbind-User

I miss this possibility on my CIFS installation.

Is there any other possibility to do this?

In release notes there is nothing metioned, that this feature is not available.

Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: Remove Winbind Mapping



have you read the Administrators Guide?


A quick search suggests that the functionality you are looking for is probably provided by pdbedit rather than wbinfo, which appears to only report information. Deleting a user account

To delete an account in CIFS Server database, the syntax is:

$ pdbedit

x <username>

For example, to delete user account GANGA, execute:

$ pdbedit

x ganga



Occasional Advisor

Re: Remove Winbind Mapping

Dear Duncan,

thank you for the quick response.

I read the Guide.

I do not mean a local user, which I can treat with pdbedit.

Winbind is - in my opinion - a mean to map a domain user to a local resource.

So I would like to remove this mapping, as it could be with winbind -x <User>




Honored Contributor

Re: Remove Winbind Mapping

Having just checked the Samba site and the CIFS File and Security document and the CIFS Administrators' manual, the "wbinfo -x" isn't documented anywhere I can locate.  Do you have a pointer to materials on that?


Now in general, please start with a somewhat more detailed problem statement, and please provide details of your particular configuration and please indicate exactly what you are trying to (un)do.  Please don't reference any switches or tools, except as secondary and supporting information for your question.


In addition to the administrator's manual, also read the overview HP OpenVMS CIFS File Security and Management document, as it has some detail on how the automatic mapping is intended to work.


I haven't gone digging through the wbinfo source code, but that's the next step here, if there really is a -x switch somewhere.   Or if you have HP support for OpenVMS, you can run up the support center and ask the good folks how this stuff works, and how to resolve your particular question.


And in general, the underlying OpenVMS operating system doesn't provide nor receive information from LDAP servers beyond some very rudimentary support for distributed authentication.  Though that is possible.  OpenVMS can have distributed user authentication (if you're willing to tussle with ACME), but it generally lacks support for any of the increasingly-ubiquitous disitributed configuration management and related mechanisms.  That CIFS has limited or no support for distributed mechanisms would not be a huge surprise.


Occasional Advisor

Re: Remove Winbind Mapping

wbinfo -x is obviously from the original samba documentation from and from the VMS-edition.


P.S..: Sorry for the late answer