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Re: Restarting the NTP daemon.

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Restarting the NTP daemon.

Hi All,

Is it necessary to keep database & application down, while Restarting the NTP daemon?
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Re: Restarting the NTP daemon.

If you mean Oracle or Ingres or Mysql database, no.
There is no relationship.
Of course, if your database is up during a daylight saving, like at 3:00, it is 2:00, you have the risk of saving records unordered in your database, if you use the timestamp to order them.

You have procedures for starting and stopping NTP

$ dir sys$startup:tcpip*ntp*


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Re: Restarting the NTP daemon.


TCPIP$NTP is supposed to gradually change system time. If your system time is correct and you are re-starting NTP - maybe after applying the recent TCPIP NTP security patches - you can do this even if your applications are up and running. Using an explicit invocation of NTPDATE is another story, it will jump the time.

Note that NTP is not supposed to be used for DST switching. This should be done with the OpenVMS mechanisms using the system parameter AUTO_DLIGHT_SAV - whether your applications support this is another question.


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Re: Restarting the NTP daemon.

Here we have two application landscapes called ECC and EPP.All ECC servers are now configured as the NTP clients of EPPPRDCI. Now I need to delink all ECC servers from EPPRDCI and cofigure all ECC servers as the NTP client of ECCPRDDB. NOW ECCPRDDB and EPPRDCI are in time sync.

SO is it required to keep the database and application down while stoping and restarting ntp daemon(xntpd) ?

Again the now the time of ECCPRDDB is in sync with EPPRDCI.If I delink them how the system clock of ECCPRDDB behave ? How it will gain its own system time and what is its impact on the system times of the entire land scape?

How quickly it will drift towards its own system clock when the NTP association is broken between ECCPRDDB AND EPPRDCI?
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Re: Restarting the NTP daemon.

> [...] ntp daemon(xntpd) ?

Xntpd? Are you asking in the right forum?

As usual, some description of the system(s)
involved might save everyone some (wasted)
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Re: Restarting the NTP daemon.

Thx to all for the clarification