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Robobmon running on VMS

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John A. Beard
Regular Advisor

Robobmon running on VMS

Does anybody know the license/product issues associated with running Robomon in graphical mode.

We are interested in utilizing the GUI version of this product in conjunction with the command line version.

Does DEC Windows require a separate license, or is it considered part of the base operating system license. We have various Motif client offerings, but WRQ seems to be the most common emulator used.
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John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Robobmon running on VMS


>Does DEC Windows require a separate license

Yes. On Alpha and VAX systems, DECwindows requires a DW-MOTIF PAK of sufficient units to be loaded on the system in order to run either an X server, or an X client.

Most systems are sold with a license package that includes DW-MOTIF somewhere. The most common are the "NAS" pckages, represented by PAKs with names NET-APP-SUP-nnn (where nnn is a number). To see what PAKs include DW-MOTIF use:


On Itanium systems, X is included in the foundation operating environment.

To find out if you have one of the correct PAKs loaded, issue the following commands:


This will generate some kind of error. If it's "NOSUCHFILE" for ICO.EXE, then DECwindows software hasn't been installed. If it's NOLICENSE you're missing the PAK. Anything else probably means you're OK. Next test is to set your display to point to a valid X server and confirm you get the ICO display.
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John A. Beard
Regular Advisor

Re: Robobmon running on VMS

Thanks John, that gives me all the info I was looking for
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