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SFTP (Get) From RedHat to OpenVMS DS25 Failed for Large Files

Occasional Contributor

SFTP (Get) From RedHat to OpenVMS DS25 Failed for Large Files

Hi All,


I have a Redhad Server and 2 OpenVMS Servers (DS25 and rx3600).


I want to get large files ( < 100 MB) via sftp from Redhat to both.


SFTP for small files are just OK.

But for large files, it always failed.


For large files :

1. sftp (get) to the rx3600 is OK

2. sftp between RX3600 and Ds25 is OK

3. The problem happened from RedHat to DS25


Somehow DS25 always closed the sftp connection :

sftp> get BACKUP.UNL

Fetching xxxx to xxxx

xxxx                                                                                              0%    0     0.0KB/s   --:-- ETAConnection closed


TCPIP Info on the DS25 :

XX21:xxxx> tcpip show ver

  HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Alpha Version V5.4 - ECO 7 on a AlphaServer DS25 running OpenVMS V7.3-2


Can help me how to solve this issue ?







Honored Contributor

Re: SFTP (Get) From RedHat to OpenVMS DS25 Failed for Large Files

Among other updates in recent years, "Using SCP or SFTP to transfer a file larger than 2 gigabytes results in a corrupt file."   And a yet more current isshe where sftp corrupts certain sequential file transfers, too.  Patch your TCP/IP Services to (more) current.  Then call HP support.