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SFU 3.5 can't access VMS NFS share

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SFU 3.5 can't access VMS NFS share

Hi out there,

we started the NFS-services on VMS 8.2 box.
I mades exports like this:

TCPIP> MAP "/vms_nfs" DKA100:
TCPIP> ADD export "/vms_nfs/nfs"
TCPIP> ADD proxy system /gid=3 /uid=0 /host=ntbox
TCPIP> ADD proxy system /gid=0 /uid=0 /host=linuxbox

The Linux box can mount and access the share without any problem.

But The Windows box using MS SFU gots an "the data area passed to a system call is too small"!

We found a thread on a MS-Forum with the same problem but without a solution; extra-info from that - what i also got a running in the past - is that it works fine with Maestro!!!

Has anybody an idea???

Greetings Kuddel!
Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: SFU 3.5 can't access VMS NFS share

Try logging in via an existing OpenVMS account and authentification via PCNFS as described in:


Login as anonymous (-2/-2) returned the MS error for me as well.