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SHADOW-F-NOACCMBREX - After spliting a cluster

Edmundo T Rodriguez
Frequent Advisor

SHADOW-F-NOACCMBREX - After spliting a cluster

We had a cluster of two AlphaServers 4100 running OpenVMS V6.2-1H3 sharing the same system disk (DSA0:), a shadow-set of two members and quorum disk.

Both system have a StorageWorks direct attach array of disk, but running different applications and the second of them needed to be upgraded (both OS and application) and the OS couldn't be upgraded in the first one.

In order to upgrade the second, I decided to make each node boot from a different system disk while staying as members of the cluster,
One with VMS V6.2-1H3 and the other with VMS 7.32

So, I shutted down the first of the systems, analyze/disk/repair the system disk (went fine),dismounted the secondary member of DSA0 and performed a BACKUP/image to another disk
in the same StorageWorks attached in redundant mode to the system.

Shutdown the second system. Boot the first system from the original shadow-set as always,
then modified the hardware environment parameter BOOTDEF-DEV in the second to point
to the new disk (primary of new shadow-set) and boot conversational and modified the parameter SHADOW_SYS_UNIT from 0 to 1 and enter CONTINUE to boot.

Here I encounter a BUGCHECK and system crash.

%SYSINIT-I- waiting to form or join an OpenVMS Cluster
%VMScluster-I-LOADSECDB, loading the cluster security database
%EWA0, Fast mode set by console
%CNXMAN, Sending VMScluster membership request to system ALPHA1
%CNXMAN, Now a VMScluster member -- system ALPHA2
%EWA0, Link state: UP
%SHADOW-F-NOACCMBREX, unable to access all mbrs of existing shadowset
**** OpenVMS (TM) Alpha Operating System V6.2-1H3 - BUGCHECK ****

I tried more than once doing a couple of things but anything work and need to go back and boot the second system from the original DSA0:

Does anyone have any idea which could help us resolve the problem.

Thank you.

Honored Contributor

Re: SHADOW-F-NOACCMBREX - After spliting a cluster

This looks to be an unsupported cluster version span, per the Cluster SPD.


I don't know that this span is the trigger for the shadowing issues. But it could be.

The error itself is indicating errors with connectivity; with the volumes involved in the shadowset, or potentially with the quorum disk.

Here's one of the very few previous discussions of this HBVS error:


I'd also enable full-on boot-time diagnostics, and see if anything interesting gets displayed before the crash.

boot -fl x,30000 ddcu

where x is the system root, and ddcu is the boot device.

But this could well be the version span. Which would leave you with the decision to upgrade, downgrade, or split the cluster. (As a related test, see if the box boots correctly without the other lobe around; with the other lobe shut down.)

Mandatory ECOs to current, et al., too.

Stephen Hoffman
HoffmanLabs LLC
Martin Hughes
Regular Advisor

Re: SHADOW-F-NOACCMBREX - After spliting a cluster

Is it possible that this bugcheck is being triggered by trying to form DSA1 with the same label as DSA0?.
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Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: SHADOW-F-NOACCMBREX - After spliting a cluster

Perhaps the 1st member has remounted its former shadow set member? VMS tries to mount all members of a shadowset, if available and valid.

regards kalle
Jon Pinkley
Honored Contributor

Re: SHADOW-F-NOACCMBREX - After spliting a cluster


What exactly was done after the image backup of the original shadowset member to a new disk?

Did you mount the new disk/over=(id,shadow) and reset the volume label?

Doing the mount/over=shadow will reinit the shadow related portion of the SCB on the disk, so it will no longer remember the prior members of the shadowset. When you reboot (with SHADOW_SYS_DISK 1), the SCB will be updated to make it be a new shadowset.

If you have done that, you are going to need to get more info from the crash dump.

Hoff's warning about too much disparity between 6.2-1H3 and 7.3-2 is valid, but I don't think it has anything to do with this crash, since unless you did an upgrade you aren't telling us about after you did the image backup, both systems will still be running 6.2-1H3.

it depends
John Travell
Valued Contributor

Re: SHADOW-F-NOACCMBREX - After spliting a cluster

This looks very much like you need to do more to differentiate those shadow sets. VMS appears to think the new boot disk should be a member of the original shadow set.
You have to have been booting from different roots on the original disk, I presume you did not change the root selection in the boot command.