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Jerry Rieman


We use the TCPIP$SMTP_SFF.EXE program extensively to send mail messages both with and without attachments. When SFF is executed it queues the mail message to the smtp queue with a default priority of 100. Sometimes we queue 1000's of mail messages and the queue gets backed up. During this backup in the queue, we would like to let high priority users send mail messages and pop them to the front of the SMTP queue. We can do so manually (after the item is in the SMTP queue) by doing a "set/entry=xxx/priority=200" command and it immediately places the entry at the front of the SMTP queue. To avoid this manual process, is there a way to advise TCPIP$SMTP_SFF.EXE to place a mail message in the SMTP queue at a priority other than the default of 100 when TCPIP$SMTP_SFF.EXE is executed?
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Re: SMTP Mail (SFF)

AFAIK, no. There's no re-prioritization setting, and no queue redirection setting within the tool.

That would be a reasonable enhancement request.

Whatever tool calling TCPIP$SMTP_SFF.EXE would likely need to deal with this using f$getqui and such; to deal with this requirement more directly.

Scan the queue using f$getqui looking for these SMTP log-jams, and use (say) the associated username and/or some other distinctive attribute to determine which queue entries to drop priority. You could run this at, say, five minute intervals. Or (better) run this from the same sequence that calls TCPIP$SMTP_SFF.EXE.

There are examples of calling f$getqui around; it's a mildly hairy lexical function, and was a common question over in the old Ask The Wizard area. (To find this and various other DCL examples, download http://h71000.www7.hp.com/wizard/wizard.zip and search through the archives.)

Ian Miller.
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Re: SMTP Mail (SFF)

for other examples of F$GETQUI see
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John Gillings
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Re: SMTP Mail (SFF)


Unfortunately TCPIP$SMTP_SFF doesn't set $ENTRY to tell you the entry number it just submitted. Oh well :-(

However, you can predict the entry name to some extent, which lets you use an "easy" F$GETQUI call.

A wildcard DISPLAY_ENTRY on the entry name doesn't need to set queue context. It will find all entries with matching names on all queues. The entry name will look something like:

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Re: SMTP Mail (SFF)

And the other option here is to move to a list server or mail server; to move to software specifically intended to manage and to ship out boatloads of mail messages...

There are ports of MajorDomo and ListServ around (see below), and there are other servers available.


There are older packages around (older MX was on the Freeware, and more current bits will likely require a discussion with Matt Madison) and it PMDF (commercial, Process Software) is almost certainly an option.

Jerry Rieman

Re: SMTP Mail (SFF)

I appreciate the replies. Our approach has been to modify the sysgen param defquepri and lower it while we are submitting the batch e-mails and then return it to normal when the batch job is complete. This is a dynamic param so it is pretty simple to do. Of course, any users submitting their own tasks during this period would get the same priority value as well.

Is SYSGEN the only way to change any dynamic sysgen params on the fly? I did not spot any system service calls for this - or did I just miss it.
Jan van den Ende
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Re: SMTP Mail (SFF)


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