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SMTP mailserver

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Occasional Contributor

SMTP mailserver

How can I change our SMTP mailserver in OpenVMS
(with UCX 4.1)
Gary Sachs

Re: SMTP mailserver

If you're asking how to make config changes to your SMTP server look at SET CONFIG SMTP in UCX. at least that's the command in TCPI(UCX) 5.x. You may wish to look at, I believe, SYS$MANAGER:UCX$CONFIG.COM as well.
Nigel Wright_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: SMTP mailserver

I am not sure what u want to change.

ucx set config smtp

is the most used command

disable smtp then do enable to see the changes.
Also a stop and start mail might be required.

We use it to forward VMS mail to an Exchange email server.
Martin P.J. Zinser
Honored Contributor

Re: SMTP mailserver

To first look at the config use

ucx show config smtp

Depending how familiar you are with UCX also

ucx help set config smtp

might be usefull.

Now in case you do refer to other actions by

1.) To "upgrade" SMTP you have to upgrade UCX,
which nowadays is called TCP/IP services. Current version is 5.3 ECO 2. Lots of functionality has been added since 4.2. The upgrade is well worth the effort.

2.) To "replace" UCX SMTP with another product (like PMDF or MX). Inovke sys$manager:ucx$config.com and disable the UCX SMTP service.
Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

Re: SMTP mailserver

Adding one thing to Martin:
One advantage on TCPIP 5.3 (probably in 5.1 as well, I'm not sure) is that you will be able to define your SMTPserver to be a realy host for your network only - keeping SPAMmers out.
I would consider this a requirement if you want to relay incoming and outgoing mail between the Internet and your network. I don't know for the other mailhandlers but no doubt they have similar facilities.
Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager