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SNMP service configuration


SNMP service configuration

Hi All,


     We are configuring comtek to trigger the alerts in case of any events on OpenVMS to AIX boxes. We are supposed to alert from different nodes on OpenVMS to different nodes on AIX.


   We need to configure SNMP on a clustered environment with same system disk so that traps from NOde01 should go to one IP address and Traps from NOde02 should go to a different IP address.


  But SNMP configuration file is in common directory.




    #config snmp_enable_authen_traps
community       xxxxxprivate read
trap    v2c     xxxxxprivate
community       xxxxxpublic     read
trap    v2c     xxxxxpublic
community       xxxxxpublic  read
trap    v2c     xxxxxpublic
sysLocation     WFR
sysContact      ProductionVMS-GIS-UK@xxxxxplc.com
snmpEnableAuthenTraps   2


for example the above and should be for two different nodes on the cluster as destination. Both are getting updated on the same, we suspect the alerts will be triggered to both the nodes for single event.


Command used is

$ tcpip set conf snmp /address="ip"/community="name"


In a cluster we need to create seperate community for each system
currently what ever community we are adding is reflecting on all the cluster node as we are using single system disk


Please provide us your inputs to fix this...


  baseline question.

   How to configure SNMP to be node specific on cluster systems with commom system disk?

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Re: SNMP service configuration

Call HP support.  This looks like a gap in the features and capabilities of their SNMP tool chain configuration design and documentation.


As for one potential work-around, try defining a logical name TCPIP$SNMP_CONF first.  Probably in the SYLOGICALS.COM file.  See if you can use that logical name to reference a host-specific configuration file.  (I haven't tested this, and I haven't researched the internal details of how SNMP references its configuration file.  If it does it per VMS filename and default name specification norms, this will work.  If they've hard-coded the directory path, not so much.)


Then (if that logical name redirection doesn't work) set up the SNMP user with a searchlist logical name for the login.  (Based on your question and your phrasing, I'm guessing you're not familiar with OpenVMS and with clustering; this workaround is based on the configuration of the cluster logical names.)


Then (failing either of these) wait for what HP support might suggest, or look to use an SNMP tool that better meets your needs, or configure your SNMP server to forward messages.

Duncan Morris
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Re: SNMP service configuration

Hi Jos, welcome to the OpenVMS forum!


If I understand this environment correctly, you are probably looking for Comtek traps from one site to go to a particular address, and traps from cluster members in the second site to go to another address.


Analysing the SNMP images suggests that SYS$SYSDEVICE is hard coded within the image.


A possible mechanism, to make your configuration site specific,  is to make use of SYS$STARTUP:TCPIP$SNMP_SYSTARTUP.COM, which is called from SYS$STARTUP:TCPIP$SNMP_STARTUP.COM.


Within the site startup procedure you could create a site-dependent TCPIP$VMS_SNMP_CONF.DAT, although this could causing timing issues when two nodes from different sites are starting SNMP at the same time. You might also look at  logical names for the trap destination.


Finally, you paid Comtek for support (I know!) and they were very happy to oblige when this client was first set up, so try giving them a call. 



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Re: SNMP service configuration

> Analysing the SNMP images suggests that SYS$SYSDEVICE is hard coded within the image.


That's easy to fix.  Patch it.


Re: SNMP service configuration

Many thanks Hoff,


    Will check that and will update you.


Re: SNMP service configuration

Hi Duncan,


    Thanks for that, will try that and will update you.


    (I Know) :) :)