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SNS Watchdog addons (old PSW)

John Donovan_4
Frequent Advisor

SNS Watchdog addons (old PSW)

Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a repository, WEB site, forum or whatever which contained shared procedures for SNS Watchdog. It was also called PolyCenter System Watchdog (PSW), CA's WatchIT and now System Watchdog for OpenVMS.

Our site has reinlisted Watchdog because it is already paid for in a bundle w/ good ol' DEC Scheduler.

I was wondering if any of you folks have or know where I can get my hands on procedures people have shared over the years, to make up for what Watchdog was/is lacking? For instance Watchdog does not monitor security intrusions or host availability via TCP/IP. Nor does it check system resource usage such as disk window turns, process in COM state high etc.

So if you have any of these procedure or know where I can lay my hands on them, it will be greatly appreciated. I'd rather not re-invent the trash compactor. Thanks

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