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SYS$SETEXV (Fortran90/Fortran77)

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Re: SYS$SETEXV (Fortran90/Fortran77)

You said "... we have a common callable subroutine used as an initialization routine in most of our main routines. A new subroutine call was added to that standard INI routine that makes use of the LIB$ESTABLISH. However, we are seeing that once the INI routine has returned back to its caller, the condition handler is no longer established as desired."

We solved this problem with LIB$INITIALIZE. See the Programming Concepts manual, chapter "Image Initialization". You use this to perform initialization before your main program is called. It the initialation establishes a condition handler, then it will be there when your main program starts.

Hoff mentioned that this was not his favourite thing to do, but was better than SYS$SETEXV.
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Re: SYS$SETEXV (Fortran90/Fortran77)

Depending on what you're up to (and I don't know that I've seen that particular detail listed quite yet), sometimes an exit handler ($dclexh) can be an appropriate construct, as can be the distributed lock manager. If I need to have a reliable rundown (across application and system crashes), I tend to use the distributed lock manager or DECdtm (or direct to 2PC, 3PC or Paxos) and/or RMS journaling and/or database journaling.

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Re: SYS$SETEXV (Fortran90/Fortran77)

Good morning and Thank You.

The ideas presented are being discussed amongst the participants here. The LIB$INITIALIZE seems to be a possible approach; we're trying to see if it does what is needed.

The specific details of this particular project are difficult for me to explain at this time, but I will try to obtain a clear description that can be posted. I understand that doing so would be helpful.

Thank you all for the responses. This kind of information from experienced and knowledgable professionals is so extremely helpful.


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Re: SYS$SETEXV (Fortran90/Fortran77)


I have provided all of this useful information to the interested parties. They are working on an approach now.

I wish to thank all for your assistance.