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SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO on Oracle 8.1.7

Daniel Fernandez Illan
Trusted Contributor

SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO on Oracle 8.1.7

After migrate a Oracle database 8.1.7 (on VMS) to Oracle 10g (on HP-UX, sorry :-(() developpers receive this message (client resides on Alpha VMS 7.3.2)

%SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO, access violation, reason mask=00, virtual address=0000000000000000, PC=0000000000339E58, PS=0000001B

%TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows

image module routine line rel PC abs PC

ORACLIENT_V817 KPUF kpufch0 252859 0000000000001718 0000000000339E58

ORACLIENT_V817 KPUF kpufch 253285 0000000000002A8C 000000000033B1CC

ORACLIENT_V817 OCI8 OCIStmtFetch 230085 0000000000000948 00000000002CC3B8

ORACLIENT_V817 SQLCUC sqlcucFetch 236793 00000000000008F8 00000000003D8E98

ORACLIENT_V817 SQLALL sqlall 236279 0000000000001C5C 00000000003D310C

ORACLIENT_V817 SQLNST sqlsel 237899 00000000000012B4 00000000003B1354

ORACLIENT_V817 SQLNST sqlnst 238470 0000000000003918 00000000003B39B8

ORACLIENT_V817 SQLENT sqlcmex 234791 000000000000078C 0000000000395C1C

ORACLIENT_V817 SQLENT sqlcxt 235075 0000000000000F14 00000000003963A4


14956 000000000000E794 000000000003E794


13096 0000000000009FAC 0000000000039FAC


0 000000000000009C 000000000003009C

PTHREAD$RTL 0 000000000003EE28 000000007BCCAE28

PTHREAD$RTL 0 000000000001A314 000000007BCA6314


but when repeat process several times, system error disapears.

Some idea.
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO on Oracle 8.1.7

Looks like a badly handled error leading to use of a null pointer to me

is ORACLIENT_V817 your program or Oracles?
Purely Personal Opinion
Brad McCusker
Respected Contributor

Re: SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO on Oracle 8.1.7

Looks like an Oracle client problem - Is that Oracle 8 client supported with an Oracle 10G backend?

I suspect you'll need to work with Oracle on this one.
Brad McCusker
Software Concepts International
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO on Oracle 8.1.7


- The client did not change, the server did.
- The very same client code, when repeated works.

I'd say that this prosents overwhelming evidence that there is something going wrong on the server side, or with the connection.

q1) Any oracle reported errors (600's) on the server?
q2) Did TNSnames change? Are the new target nodenames/address correct and verified (no duplicate ip address use?!).
q3) Does the link work reliably? (I'd use simple test like
- "ping -flood -count=10000" (wrong syntax, I know).
- Ftp push a 10MB file. Speed?
- Reverse test direction.
q4) Does the Oracle Listener report report enything?
q5) Enable some sqltracing to see when/where it breaks.

Still, 99% this is a question to be answerred by Oracle support.

Good luck,

Daniel Fernandez Illan
Trusted Contributor

Re: SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO on Oracle 8.1.7

looks like a badly handled error leading to use of a null pointer
But, Why the error disappear when the procedure is executed some times with the same parameters?.
TNSNAMES file has been updated to include new and erase older addresses.
The server doesnâ t have errors in Listener report .
The process fails in different points of access (CURSORS, SELECT DUALâ ¦)
I will increase working set of users to check if fails remain or disappear.

Daniel Fernandez Illan
Trusted Contributor

Re: SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO on Oracle 8.1.7

I have found a possible solution to problem.
Developpper's team were use a precompiler option (by default) to load fecths before execute SELECT statement. This option was:
prefetch = 1
If option changes to value equal to 0 (does not load first fetch before SELECT), the program works fine without problems.
I think that problem is a bug of Oracle10 on HP-UX when intend to communicate memory areas with Oracle8 client in VMS.

Thanks to all.