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SYSUAF user quota upgrade

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Jan van den Boogaard
Frequent Advisor

SYSUAF user quota upgrade

Hello all ,

While preparing for upgrade of OpenVMS 7.3-2 Alpha to OpenVMS 8.2 Alpha, I noticed in the docs that the defaults for a number of UAF quota for both the SYSTEM and the DEFAULT SYSUAF accounts have gone up.

Does that mean I have to apply the higher DEFAULT defaults to all "normal" user accounts (i.e. the ones that got their defaults from DEFAULT under OpenVMS 7.3-2) ??
And if so , is there a handy way to do this other than by hand?

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Re: SYSUAF user quota upgrade

It depends what they are doing, and if you have a performance problem. Often the UAF
parameteres are overridden by
PQL_M parameters, so tweeks of the UAF
will not have any effect. You certainly
can change the PQL_M parameters to your
uppper limits. They will effect all processes on the system.

If you want to change a group of users,
if they are in the same UIC group, you can do a

Mod [groupnumber,*]/quota=number
for example

Mod [22,*]/wsquota=24000

Have fun.
John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: SYSUAF user quota upgrade


>Does that mean I have to apply the
>higher DEFAULT defaults to all "normal"
>user accounts

Only if those accounts are having trouble with inadequate quotas. Note that many of the default values for resource allocations under OpenVMS are *very* old. They therefore assume a VAX750 with 2MB of RAM and 200MB disk space, rather than an IA64 with 4GB RAM and 2TB disk space.

You can make some changes with UIC wild cards, as suggested by comarow. Another approach is to generate a command procedure - use the EVE LEARN function to define a key to add (say) /PGFLQUOTA=500000 to the end of a line, then use REPEAT to
repeat the command sequence many times.
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Karl Rohwedder
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Re: SYSUAF user quota upgrade

A helpful utility in this area is GETUAI (see http://vms.process.com/scripts/fileserv/fileserv.com?GETUAI), which retrieves account data for a user into DCL symbols. So it is easy to write a procedure, that checks userquotas and only changes them, if they are lower than a desried value.

regards Kalle
Ian Miller.
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Re: SYSUAF user quota upgrade


According to the comments this does what you want.
"Analyze accounts in system authorization file (SYSUAF.DAT) and generate file authorize commands to update accounts to have the minimum account quotas reccommended for OpenVMS 8.2. Useful after upgrading the OS from a previous version."
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Jan van den Boogaard
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Re: SYSUAF user quota upgrade

Thnx for the replies! Very useful!
Wim Van den Wyngaert
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Re: SYSUAF user quota upgrade

AFter your node has started, I would check with accounting if any processes failed due to low quotas, esp. during boot.

I found 1 program using a lot more memory on 8.2 (think it was diag).