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Samba V2 (VMS) using OpenVMS Advanced Server PDC


Samba V2 (VMS) using OpenVMS Advanced Server PDC

First time I have used this forum; please be gentle.

Have an environment with OpenVMS Advanced Server (V7.3A-4) as the PDC for a small collection of Windows boxes. Installed Samba 2.2.8 on an OpenVMS/I64 server as a member server, but am having difficulty having it authenticate on the domain.

Reduced the environment to only three hosts: PDC, Samba, and WinXP (WinXP-Pro). No problems between WinXP and the PDC. Both WinXP and PDC "see" Samba, but when they attempt to access Samba, the logon fails.

Samba also "sees" both PDC and WinXP, and any smbclient commands to them (using a valid domain user) seem to work. However, an smbclient command to itself (ie. Samba) complains of a logon failure.

Has anyone encountered this? Am I missing something obvious? Any suggestions are appreciated.