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Scp to Solarise node

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Scp to Solarise node

> And by the way, in my environment there is
> no need to put anything in string quotes at
> all:

Around here:

alp $ show proc /parse
Parse Style: Extended

alp $ scp wd.c sms@sol:/usr/users/sms/UC_DIR/WD.c
tcpip$ssh_scp2.exe: warning: open: /usr/users/sms/uc_dir/wd.c (dst): no such file (server msg: 'No such file')

%TCPIP-E-SSH_FC_ERR_NO_S, file doesn't exist

> (and don't know if it is important, the
> DECC$ feature logicals are set as if
> DECC$UNIX_LEVEL=30 in later versions of
> VMS.)

I assume that "are set" means that _you_ set
them. And yes, that's probably _very_
important in a case like this. Unlike some
programs I could name, the TCPIP SSH-related
utilities seem not to set any appropriate
DECC$feature logical names themselves, so
SET PROCESS /PARSE_STYLE, by itself, doesn't
do much.

Do you really leave these DECC$feature names
set all the time? To me, that sounds
dangerous. I have Parse Style: Extended set
in my LOGIN.COM, but I don't dare define any
DECC$feature logical names for general use.
As it says in the HELP (CRTL

o Do not set C RTL feature logical names for the system.
Set them only for the applications that need them,
because other applications including OpenVMS components
depend on the default behavior of these logical names.
Joseph Huber_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Scp to Solarise node

"my environment" means my process environment, not system settings, every user follows its own taste, but most interactive work is done on Linux systems.

decc$feature logicals: probably a YMMV case.
I am mainly working on/programming for Unix systems, and doing system management for the remaining VMS systems, but still prefer to do much editing etc. on VMS. So for me it is more convenient not to put string quotes everywhere.
I almost never have problems with that - but maybe I seldom do complicated things on VMS requiring strict VMS behaviour.
Joseph Huber_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Scp to Solarise node

and for ssh and scp, the only one DECC$ feature necessary is (probably)
together with parse_style=extended.