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Re: See CLOSE_WAIT TCP Sockets / Channel Pascal


See CLOSE_WAIT TCP Sockets / Channel Pascal

Is there any way using the system services ( SYS$QIO et al ) to see if a socket / channel is in CLOSE_WAIT?

using netstat I can see sockets that are in close_wait but I would like to be able to see it from within my process using some system service ( the sockets are part of my process ).

Running on Itanium i4, OpenVMS 8.4-1H1, Pascal 6.2

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Re: See CLOSE_WAIT TCP Sockets / Channel Pascal

Look at the manual: "HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Sockets API and System Services Programming"

Specifically look at chapters 5 & 6.  The examples are in C, but you should be able to get what you need there.

Others may be able to post some code sections for you as well.  I will look for one as well.


Link to documentation on line: