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Setting up remote access to a HSZ80

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Niall Godwin

Setting up remote access to a HSZ80

I am looking for guidance on setting up remote access to a HSZ80 RAID Controller using "Reverse LAT" or "Reverse TELNET".
I am using a BN24J cable to connect the HSZ80 maintenance port to a port on a DECServer 900TM.
Thank you,
Niall Godwin
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Re: Setting up remote access to a HSZ80


you need to set up a telnet listener for the port connected to the hsz e.g

change telnet listener 2001 ports 1
change telnet listener 2001 connections enabled

for port 1

these port settings work currently for an existing connection to an hsz80

Character Size: 8 Input Speed: 9600
Flow Control: XON Output Speed: 9600
Parity: None Signal Control: Disabled
Stop Bits: 1 Signal Select: CTS-DSR-RTS-DTR

Access: Remote Local Switch: None
Backwards Switch: None Name: PDGOLE_HZ
Break: Local Session Limit: 1
Forwards Switch: None Type: Ansi
Default Protocol: Telnet Default Menu: None
Autolink Timer One:10 Two:10 Dialer Script: None

Preferred Service: None
Authorized Groups: 0
(Current) Groups: 0

Enabled Characteristics:
Autoprompt, Broadcast, Input Flow Control, Output Flow Control

good luck
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Re: Setting up remote access to a HSZ80


i am assuming you have put an ip address on the decserver ?
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Re: Setting up remote access to a HSZ80

I'd ask that you narrow that question down somewhat, as (if interpreted literally) you're basically asking for an introduction to serial communications and to LAT and to telnet and to terminal servers and to serial wiring and troubleshooting, and probably a few other topic areas.

If you're hitting errors or problems with an existing configuration, those details can help. And as a rule, troubleshooting serial line communications is best performed with a breakout box handy, as even the vendor docs can sometimes have bogus, reversed or mislabeled pinouts.

Manuals here are going to be scattered all over the place here, too, as LAT and telnet are entirely different approaches (pick one? probably telnet?), and as the whole of the DECserver product line is now over at the VNEtek (that's the Digital Network Products Group; DNPG; home now) site.

VNEtek can likely help you with the terminal server part of this, though they may well have an issue with the pinout for the BN24J (and its cousin, the BN24H) and for the HSZ80. (And I think you really want the BN24H here?)

As for other options, there's the "SET HOST /SCSI" stuff, which can allow an OpenVMS box to access the HSZ series controllers. You can get at the controller from OpenVMS.

The manual for the HSZ80 storage controller is over at http://vt100.net/manx, though no pinout is listed in the main manual based on a quick look.

The DB9 cable part number is Compaq 402905-001 and DEC 70-32873-02.

The common adapter pinout looks to be here:


Here, get the connection via reverse LAT or reverse telnet working with the terminal server (a previous reply has provided a pointer to that), then work upstream from there to the controller itself; to the serial line. The usual problem here can be the specific wiring -- DCE or DTE, in technical terms -- and how the specific widgets are wired. If you don't have the exact right widget from the vendor, you can usually end up using a serial line breakout box to figure out the necessary pinout.

And here's a related discussion (same pinouts for HSG80 and HSZ80, AFAIK) that looks pretty close to the cabling...


Getting reverse LAT or reverse telnet going on the terminal server can be found with Google, or with a trip through the particular DECserver or other terminal server manual, and those are around. I'd expect the manuals for the VNEtek / DNPG stuff to be posted around the net.

FWIW, none of these topic areas are even particularly related to OpenVMS, too, so this isn't the best audience. Serial line comms and old HSZ widgets are certainly an arcane area, though.

Again, this is a big question. Can you narrow it down?

Niall Godwin

Re: Setting up remote access to a HSZ80

Thank you.
I succeeded in getting a telnet connection using a BN24H (crossover) cable.

Thank you for your reply, and apologies for the lack of clarity in the thread.