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Stock Mismatch

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Stock Mismatch

We are have some issues with forms after moving printer from another site. We are trying to use a couple of different forms. Not exactly sure how the forms work. Does the printer have to be able to recognize the form or does it check the Library for the form info?
Here is the print queue:
Printer queue HORLJET3, idle, on SERVER::"horljet3:9100", mounted form LJWIDE1

Let me know what information you need and I will provide it. Thanks for your help.

Volker Halle
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Re: Stock Mismatch


OpenVMS does not really 'know' (nor care) what kind of paper is installed in your printer. You have to tell the queue-manager by starting the queue with a form name, which is associated with the correct 'stock' (i.e. paper format and type).

Your HORLJET3 queue has been started with a form named 'LJWIDE1' which is associated with a stock named 'DEFAULT', but the default form name points to a form with a stock called 'WHITE_PERF_NO'. So if your print command does not include a /FORM= qualifier, the print-job will assume a default form called NRCCSD. As the stock for this form does not match the stock for the currently mounted form, the print job will hang (stock mismatch).

If you know, that the correct stock (i.e. paper) has been loaded, stop and start the queue with START/QUE/FORM=NRCCSD HORLJET3

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Re: Stock Mismatch

To get your feet underneath you with this topic (and rather than us regurgitating the contents of the manuals here), please read the queue chapters in the following, including the section on creating and using forms:


The printer does not care about forms, stock, queues or other constructs.

Printers do (as a general rule) what they're told to do. Depending on the model, printers themselves can (potentially) report printing and paper errors and such, but generally not anything related to OpenVMS itself.

Here, I'd expect you need to transfer the HPRESET module in the system device control library and the forms definitions over using SHOW QUEUE /FORM /FULL and DEFINE /FORM and such. The form definitions include margins, stock and other attributes.

Here's a high-level introduction to IP printing on OpenVMS and to some pointers to other printing-related topics including device control libraries:

I should add some stuff on forms to the site. But that's fodder for another time.

In the unlikely event that some knowledge of the configuration and operation of the queue manager and of printing on OpenVMS does not sort this out, then...

Specific version of OpenVMS?

Specific version of TCP/IP Services?

Specific error messages?

Specific device and form definitions?
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Re: Stock Mismatch

Knowledge is power thanks to both of you for your answers and the links. I will let you know how it goes.
Hakan Zanderau ( Anders
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Re: Stock Mismatch

About the "STOCK MISMATCH"....

The "STOCK"-option is used to protect a printer with special paper from accidental usage.

Let's say you have PhotoPrinter. To protect the printer from accidental usage, you create a form with the option /STOCK=photopaper.

You mount this form on the queue by using

INIT/QUE......./FORM=my_special_form 'queue_name"


SET QUEUE /FORM=my_special_form 'queue_name'

When a user tries to use the queue, the supplied form has to match the STOCK on the allready mounted form. If not....the job will be pending with status "STOCK MISMATCH"

The mounted form can be changed by SET QUEUE/FORM=
( no need to reinit or restart the queue )

About moving printconfiguration between nodes.

When a queue or a form includes a SETUP-module, be sure the modules exists in the target libraries.

The targeted library is set on each queue by the parameter /LIBRARY= ( if not shown on the queue, SYSDEVCTL.TLB is used )

Check the contents using the command

LIB/LIST 'library'.TLB

It's a common mistake when moving queues and forms to forget the contents of the libraries.

Hakan Zanderau
Don't make it worse by guessing.........