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Re: Substring error with audit.exe

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Substring error with audit.exe


Getting the below errors when audit.exe is run.

%SYSTEM-F-SUBSTRERR, substring error, PC=0000000000030634, PS=0000001B
%TRACE-F-TRACEBACK, symbolic stack dump follows
image module routine line rel PC abs PC
AUDIT AUDIT GET_AUDIT_EVENT 125 0000000000000634 0000000000030634
AUDIT AUDIT AUDIT 47 000000000000010C 000000000003010C
%TRACE-I-END, end of TRACE stack dump

What are the things we should be looking for to get over this problem?
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Re: Substring error with audit.exe

> [...] audit.exe [...]

Which "audit.exe" is that?

I know nothing about this problem, but if I
were reporting it, I might include some
useful information, like, say, the VMS
version, the system architecture, a list of
relevant installed patches, and the actual
command which led to this outcome.
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Re: Substring error with audit.exe

I'm not aware of a system image called "AUDIT.EXE", so you need to find the programmer or vendor of the product to see what's at line 125 of routine GET_AUDIT_EVENT.

Looks to be a common-or-garden programming bug. Here's what HELP/MESSAGE says about the condition:


SUBSTRERR, substring error, PC='xxxxxxxx', PS='xxxxxxxx'

Facility: SYSTEM, System Services

Explanation: An error occurred in a substring operation. Either the starting position or ending position was outside the bounds of the string.

User Action: Examine the PC location displayed in the message; check the program listing to verify that operands or variables are specified correctly.

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Re: Substring error with audit.exe

Sorry, this was an inhouse audit.exe.

We've found the problem and rectified it.

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Re: Substring error with audit.exe

Closing thread (see previous post).